"Yes! The more the laws of heaven are merged, the more difficult it is to merge! I’m afraid it will take thousands of years to integrate the six-way array! " Sea sky sighed and said slowly

"Thousands … thousands of years?" Zhang Xiaotian stare big eyes for a long time before he said, "I still need tens of thousands of years. Years and decades are an extremely long time in Zhang Xiao’s heavenly heart! Let Zhang Xiaotian say the words "it will take tens of thousands of years" or give Zhang Xiaotian a shock in ten million years! How many tens of thousands of years? For Zhang Xiaotian, it will take decades to be an extremely long number!
"Tens of thousands of years?" Sea sky heart way "I said ten million years or because the boss has the six mysterious posture! If others are afraid that it will be 100 million years, I dare not say that I can integrate the four or five laws of heaven! "
"Hissing-"Zhang Xiaotian gasped for air. After a while, he muttered, "The law of heaven! So difficult
Chapter two hundred and ninety Fairy power quality
"Yes! Understanding is one thing, and integration is another! Combining six different laws is like turning six different substances into one! Brute force alone won’t work! Only immortals who have lived for hundreds of millions of years have merged two or three laws of heaven! Not surprising! " Sea sky smiled light said
"How many kinds of celestial beings are the highest in the law of celestial integration?" Zhang Xiaotian took a deep breath and asked.
"Six kinds!" Sea sky smiled and looked naughty at Zhang Xiaotian.
"Six kinds?" Zhang Xiaotian was stupefied at first and then asked, "How many kinds did your father and your three great elders of the Hai family merge?" This result is somewhat unexpected to Zhang Xiaotian! A total of nine laws of heaven, I didn’t expect the highest level of celestial fusion to be six!
"My father combined six kinds of laws of heaven of the three great elders and six kinds of laws of heaven!" Hai Tianqiong said proudly.
"That you sea home … become like that?" Zhang Xiaotian first a surprised and then asked him some think impassability celestial fusion law highest fairy just six kinds of sea home there are four! Then the haijia will suffer genocide?
The sky and sky smiled and said slowly, "Although the celestial world mainly practices the laws of heaven! But the integration of heaven and law does not represent everything! Let’s not say that every law of heaven represents different strength! What are the six laws of integration? It is said that the basic strength can also determine the strength of the six heavenly laws! "
"Basic strength?" Zhang Xiaotian has some doubts.
"It is the strength of fairy power!" Sea sky smiled and explained
"Is there any difference between Fairy Power and Fairy Power?" Zhang Xiaotian asked with some surprise.
"Yes! Heaven is still very fair to be born in the celestial world. Although they can soon practice a law of heaven, their fairy power is the lowest in the celestial world! " Sea sky nodded to relax and said
"Have to fix true is to practice single psychic immortal! Those who have the land to cultivate truth are practicing double spiritual powers to become immortals! There are also people who practice the five spiritual powers to become immortals! There is a big gap between their efforts! Boss, will they become the same place when they become immortals? " See Zhang Xiaotian still some doubts sea sky asked with a smile.
Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up when he heard the sea sky asking questions like this! It takes a lot of effort to cultivate more spiritual power! If there is no gap after practicing immortality, it is unfair to those who practice multi-spirituality!
"There is a kind of energy in the celestial world, and that is fairy power! But the fairy force quality is not the same! What energy is practiced by every monk who practices immortality will be converted into immortal power! The more kinds of energy, the stronger it is, and the better and stronger the quality will be! Monk Shan Lingli’s practice of becoming an immortal is just like being born in the celestial world! Brother Shuang Lingli will be ten times stronger than ordinary immortals when he practices to become an immortal! The immortal power of the three-spiritual-force monk who is trained into an immortal body will be ten times stronger than that of the two-spiritual-force monk who is transformed into an immortal body! And so on … "Haitian vault said slowly.
Then the sky and the sky looked at Zhang Xiaotian and said slowly, "The fairy with strong quality can go beyond the enemy! The place where my father and the elder in the family practice is the lowest terrace immortal power! "
"What kind of spiritual power is the highest in the fairy world?" Zhang Xiaotian slightly opened his mouth and asked Zhang Xiaotian don’t want to know the celestial things but always can’t help it! The most important thing is that Zhang Xiaotian denied that he could find life fluid in the mortal world in one thousand …
"Five! And that person’s integration of the laws of heaven has reached six kinds! " Haitianqiu smiled and said slowly
"Hissing-"Zhang Xiao, as a shock! Five spirits become immortals! It’s really incredible! Re-integrating the six laws of heaven, Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t know what to say!
"With three spirit force into fairy force can leapfrog challenge general fairy force fairy! The transformation of two spiritual forces into immortal forces is not many, but there are also many! However, there are not many celestial bodies where three spiritual forces are transformed into immortal forces! Four spiritual forces are transformed into immortal forces, and there is none in the celestial world! There is only one thing that can transform five psychic powers into immortal powers! It is also the first master in the celestial world! I heard that when he was in the mortal world, he practiced the five elements of spiritual power! " Speaking of which, the sky and the sky are looking at Zhang Xiaotian with bright eyes
"Five elements of spiritual power?" Zhang Xiaotian’s expression is first one leng and then his eyes are bright!
Sun Wu! Sun Wu’s practice is the spiritual power of the five elements! No wonder Sun Wuhai’s sky in Yang Jian has that look!
"It’s hard for monks in mortal world to become immortals! It’s even harder for Friar Dorian to become an immortal! There has never been a monk with four spiritual powers in the mortal world! The first master in the celestial world is a spiritual practitioner in the mortal world! I think there may be some mystery in the spiritual cultivation of the five elements! So I want to have a chance to see that Sun Wu! " Haitianqiu slowly spoke out his thoughts.
Hell! Qin Guang Wang Dian!
"What? You failed? Shang Ya and Wang Mu are dead? " An old man in a crimson cassock and a black bun shouted in shock! This man is exactly what Zhang Xiaotian has ever seen!
A group of ghosts stood upright in front of him, mingled with more than twenty ghosts.
"yes! Bodhisattva The other party is too strong! " A few steps before a seven-order ghost repair respectfully replied.
"I didn’t expect Zhang Xiaotian to be strong to this point! I can’t even deal with business! " The earth treasure king took a deep breath and said slowly that he didn’t know what was going on in his deep eyes!
"Not Zhang Xiaotian! But another person listened to him … It seems that Zhang Xiaotian has fallen into some dead zone! " A seventh-order magic repair came out and sank, saying that when they came over earlier, they didn’t put Zhang Xiaotian in the eyes. More than 20 sixth-and seventh-order magic repairs dealt with a small fifth-order ghost king! In their eyes, it is exaggerated! They don’t have much respect for the earth treasure king. Now that they have seen the means of sea and sky, they dare not do it again for a while! The sky and the sky easily killed Shang Ya, the first master of the magic Xuanzong Sect, and scared them! Understatement with a blow-
"Is it not Zhang Xiaotian?" The king of earth treasure was surprised again and then asked, "who is that?" How come I didn’t know there were such people in Hell No.1 if I could kill Elder Shang? "
"Hum! Earth treasure king! What garlic are you pretending to be? It’s you who said that the little doll with no attack power killed our business elders with one move! " From the more than 20 magic repair again out of a seventh order magic repair anger said
"Little doll? You say it’s the spirit? " The earth treasure first frowned and then asked in surprise
"Hum! Who else is it? " The name magic cold hum a nu said
"He … he killed Elder Shang?" The earth treasure king suddenly felt that his brain was not working properly!
"A recruit seconds kill! More powerful than ordinary monks! You have to give us an explanation this time! Otherwise, our demon Xuanzong’s tens of billions of brothers must ask the Shang elders for justice! " The name of the magic sink said
The magic repair the words sound just fell and 20 magic repair immediately followed noisy!
"Hissing," the king of earth treasure took a deep breath and said, "ladies and gentlemen! Heaven abandons beasts, as I think everyone knows better than me! I wonder if there is anything strange this time? "
When I heard the king of earth treasure talking like this, a group of magic repairs were quiet at once! Looking at each other, hesitation seems to be thinking!
"You should know that there was a hand before me that was a godforsaken beast! I know something about her ability! You may also know that the abandoned beast can instantly break the rank array method! " At this point, the king of earth treasure paused and glanced around with his eyes. After a while, everyone waited and then said, "But there is still another ability that people must not know about!"
"What ability?" The voice of the earth treasure king just fell and immediately followed by magic repair.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine Destroyed Zhang Xiaotian
"Day abandon beast can also change! Turn into a golden scaly beast! Abandoning the beast after transformation can wield poor power! I abandoned the beast the day before and easily killed a six-order peak Buddha practitioner after transformation! " Earth treasure king said slowly
"Can the abandoned beast be transformed?" They couldn’t help but be surprised after hearing the words of the king of earth treasure!
"yes! However, there are great restrictions on the transformation of abandoned beasts! I abandoned the beast that day and turned once in my life! And there is still a long period of weakness after transformation! " The earth treasure king nodded lightly and said
"You mean Zhang Xiaotian side that day abandoned beast changed? But we didn’t change him now? " Just when the magic practitioners were about to agree, a magic practitioner raised a question.
"Day abandon beast transformation who also don’t know what’s going on? I abandoned the beast that day and turned into a golden scaly beast. I don’t know what it was that day! However, it has always been known that the abandoned beast has no strength! Every time you wave your strength, there will be a period of weakness! This can be learned from some people who can transform into orcs! " Earth treasure king said
"You said that the abandoned beast is a little doll. How old does he look?" Then a magic repair suddenly export asked
"About three or four years old!" Earth treasure king frowned sink and said
"That’s right! This time we saw that the abandoned beast was a boy of fifteen or sixteen! He must have changed! " After hearing what the earth treasure king said, there was another magic monk who said immediately
"mom! After transformation, it is a weak period! No wonder he let us go. We were all cheated by him! " Immediately after the magic repair shout, another magic repair followed and said.
"yes! Yes! Yes! It must be like this! Mother rabbit! Dare to fool us! " A seventh-order ghost repair followed an epiphany.