This big robbery made him and Qin Wan feel deeper!

"good! OK! Big brother must hold the most lively wedding in hell! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian and Qin Wan Yang Xiao back excitedly shouted.
Everyone else also looked back at Zhang Xiaotian and Qin Wan!
By all such a look at Qin Wan and Zhang Xiao talent quickly, well, her figure has once again returned to her usual reserve! It’s a face, but it’s still hung with that hard-to-eliminate purples!
"Now we are going to kiss your father!" Zhang Xiaotian took a deep breath and said with some excitement.
"hmm!" Qin wan nodded his head, no longer as shy as before! But the face and mind are a cover-up
"Is the boss repaired now?" At this time, one side of the sea and sky hesitated for an export and asked
The original resented the sky and the sea, and Qin Wan and others were relieved by the improvement of Zhang Xiaotian! Is white at him and then turned to look at Zhang Xiaotian! Obviously, they are also looking forward to the strength of Zhang Xiaotian!
Lingshan Buddhism threatened the demon Xuanzong to rebel against the Tibetan king in hatred. In such a turbulent era, Zhang Xiaotian’s strength has become a necessary guarantee for them! "Let me see!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded to the crowd and closed his eyes to carefully understand the energy in the body.
A few minutes later, Zhang Xiaotian opened his eyes and gently punched his eyes!
"poof!" A light ring will crack a big black hole in front of you! Then it will soon heal and disappear!
"Purple psychic force followed the soul force to the peak of the ghost emperor! Purple spiritual power has also become more harmonious than before! " Zhang Xiaotian said slowly, tiny purple psychic force constantly swimming around him!
Soon! Very smart! It’s like having life!
Purple psychic force is a combination of fire and water, and it can also be divided into two kinds of psychic forces! The former purple psychic force is sixty times more powerful than the single psychic force of fire and water! And now purple psychic force is ten times more powerful than fire and water alone psychic force! Now the purple psychic force is really as clever and powerful as a living elf, and it has risen to more than one level!
"If Brother Jie’s spiritual attack doesn’t contain array method, I have confidence that they will fight for the first world war!" Speaking of which, Zhang Xiao, as in some nai! He didn’t attack Brother Order in array, but Brother Order did! This is really unfair …
"alas!" Hai Tianqiong sighed slightly. It is a matter of high and low if a fix true person can attack by law! All monks who have reached the rank of order can also add a first-level array to psychic attacks in some years! Add a complete first-level array! Can put the psychic attack by swing out ten times the power!
Some combat skills can also swing several times the power of attacking spiritual power! But it all takes a while! High-ranking monks fight every second. How can they give you time to wave?
"But if you touch the earth treasure king! Even if I can’t beat him, he can’t beat me! You know, my body can be compared with the monks in the later stage after being integrated into the purple spirit! " Soon Zhang Xiaotian regained his fighting spirit again!
"Can’t you beat him or run away from him?" Zhang Xiaotian chuckled that his body was two levels stronger than that of the earth treasure king. Even if the earth treasure king turned into a Buddha, his body would not necessarily be much stronger than him!
"Strength is step by step! It is incredible that the boss can reach this level in a few years! If you grow up at this level, I am afraid that children born in the celestial world can’t compare with the boss’s practice! " Hai Tianqiong smiled and said that as soon as he said this, he immediately stopped! Looked awkward looking at Zhang Xiaotian!
"Nothing!" Zhang Xiaotian smiled and shook his head and said, "Just now, I also want to understand that someone is behind the scenes! I am too persistent! Immortals regard us as ants. Do we taste ants in our feet? I’ll care so much if the ants still drag out an ignoble existence! " Zhang Xiaotian’s tone is flat and light! You can’t see that his mood fluctuates!
"actually! Heaven has a certain fairy and cannot enter the mortal world! I just haven’t come to say the boss you … "Speaking of which, Haitianqiu laughed bitterly.
"I finally believe that the rule is that the dead are alive! Didn’t you come to the mortal world? " Zhang Xiaotian look slightly one leng then shook his head light said
Sea sky look slightly one leng some startled! Zhang Xiaotian, it’s not unreasonable. It’s …
After a while, Hai Tianqiong smiled wryly. "I have never heard of anyone who can violate heaven!"
"Then how did you come to the mortal world?" Listen to the sky so Zhang Xiaotian eyes once again directly questioned and asked!
"Fairy can’t enter the mortal world! When I entered the mortal world, I could no longer be called a fairy! " Sea sky hesitated a slowly said
"Can’t be called a fairy?" Zhang Xiaotian some surprise!
"well! When I entered the mortal world, my fairy lattice was broken! Strictly speaking, the broken fairy lattice can no longer be called fairy! After millions of years in the mortal world, my Xiange was completely repaired! " Sea sky sound some deep said
"Xiange is broken?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little shocked and then asked, "Didn’t you say that you can’t die if you don’t destroy your soul?" That Xiange is ruined … "
"The boss also said that the rule is dead or alive!" Haitianqiu smiled indifferently and then said, "We haijia can rest and recover the secret method of injured souls! When Xiange was broken, my soul was also hurt! If you are an ordinary fairy, you will have a dead end after your soul is injured! And I, our secret method of the sea family, saved my soul for millions of years before I repaired it! After the soul is healed, it is healed. There is some white in that soul! I think that’s why the fat boy’s memory is so clear in my mind! His memory filled my white soul! " Speaking of which, there are some nai wry smiles in the sky and sea.
Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head and listened to Hai Tianqiong explain why he was so kind to him! It seems that this is the sequela of the soul’s swallowing up the soul!
"But! Didn’t you enter the mortal world through this method? " Zhang Xiaotian nodded and then questioned again. You can’t care about Xian in Zhang Xiaotian. If you want to know the funeral, please go to Chapter 6 and more supporters will support reading.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six The Secret of the Celestial World Jiugong Secret Method
I’m a kid. Chapter two hundred and ninety-six The Secret Law of the Secret Palace of the Fairy World
Some things in Jinsha’s family have been updated recently, which is a bit unstable! Grandpa Jinsha is getting worse and needs to be taken care of! Birth, illness, death and illness are very resistant to this Jinsha! I’m sorry too! The original Jinsha can last for two days, but it’s a pity that Jinsha can’t guarantee it today! Today is no longer more! Jinsha also dare not accept this chapter!
This fairy is no longer worthy of the name! "Sea sky gave a wry smile and then said," Although my fairy lattice has been repaired, I have no place to add fairy force! I practice the ninth law of heaven and this mortal world contains the second law of heaven! Without fairy power, I am the law of heaven and heaven to fight the enemy! " Speaking of which, there are some nai in the sky and sea.
I heard that Zhang Xiaotian frowned after a while and slowly asked, "You mean … if you practice the second law of heaven, then you can transport it to the enemy."
"If you don’t make a complete law of heaven, you won’t lose your immortal power!" Sea sky nodded to see Zhang Xiaotian some not white then went on "that is, the mortal world said heaven dzogchen! Nine grades and nine grades realize that the laws of heaven and earth are incomplete! If I practice the second law of heaven, I can arrange a nine-level array without much effort in this mortal world! However, practicing the second law of heaven, dzogchen Fairy, can supplement the immortal power in this mortal law of heaven! " Speaking of which, there is a sigh in the sky and the sky, as if it is a pity that practicing yourself is not the second law of heaven.
"What if you practice the second way of heaven and law and the fairy enters this mortal world like you?" Zhang Xiaotian asked again on reflection.
The sky and the sky are a little dumb with their mouths open!
After a while, he said with a brilliant smile, "Eldest brother, is the secret method of our sea family all over the street? It’s not that the secret method of repairing the soul is boasted by the sky, and only our sea family has it in the whole celestial world! And in our sea family, there are only the head of the sea family and three Presbyterian churches! " Speaking of which, the sky and the sea are already proud.
However, in a short time, the sky and sky looked dim and lost, saying, "But I saw them all fall with my own eyes!"
"They have fallen? Then how did you do it? " Zhang Xiaotian look one leng but did not let go, but then asked.
Hai Tianqiong Nai said, "My father gave it to me before he died!" Seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s face puzzled, he explained, "My father is the head of the sea family, and it was he who sent me to the mortal world with two great elders!" The tone of the sky and sky is flat, but it contains deep sadness and thoughts!
"I’m sorry Reminds you of a sad thing! " See the sky face expression Zhang Xiaotian a face of regret to say that the sky shook his head and didn’t speak again.
"The sky! I didn’t expect you to come from a famous family before! I knew you were not simple! Tut tut! My magical powers of Yin and Yang are really getting better and better! " Just when they were silent, Yang Xiao whispered, "I don’t know if I’m boasting about the sky or praising myself for Yin and Yang."? "Zhang Xiaotian turned supercilious look sneered.
Yang Xiao but don’t blush a serious said, "he is my first ghost repair of Yin and Yang eyes now! Naturally, it is not ordinary! "
"That’s because you haven’t got home yet!" Haitianqiu smiled and said
Xiao to look one leng!
"I’ll give you a kung fu later, which will make you wield your magical powers more!" Sea sky nodded lightly and said that Yang Xiao interrupted him in a better mood.
"really?" Yang Xiaodi first one leng and then a burst of ecstasy! The sky and sky come from the celestial world, and there is also a certain weight in speaking.
"Naturally!" Sea sky nods with a smile
"What are your plans for the future?" Zhang Xiaotian was silent for a moment, and there was some hesitation in his voice. The sky and the sea must have had an extraordinary experience! The celestial sea family is as unclear as he is! It must be unusual to have the only secret method to repair the soul in the celestial world! The head of the clan and three elders died, saying that Haijia was in great trouble! Zhang Xiaotian hesitated for a moment to ask but didn’t ask. It is better to know something than not to know it!
"I will definitely report our family feud!" Sea sky face expression disappointed, then his eyes looked at the other side a face of firm said
"Can you still go back to the celestial world?" Zhang Xiaotian looked surprised.
Hai Tianqiong looked back at Zhang Xiaotian and said faintly, "It’s hard to come to the mortal world from the celestial world, but it’s easy to get to the celestial world from the mortal world! I’ll just follow when the boss rises! " Say that finish sea sky eyes quietly watching Zhang Xiaotian.
"What? Fly with me? " Zhang Xiaotian was frightened when he heard this from Hai Tianqiong.
It’s easy for the boss to become immortal! "sea sky nodded his eyes into the distance light said.
Xiao Tian looked back at the people behind him, Qin Wan, Yang Xiao, Ling Tian, the Chen brothers and the parents and grandfathers in the ring …
Qin Wan and Yang Xiao are looking at Zhang Xiaotian with a nervous face! Ling Tian’s three disciples’ other hands are straight and indifferent! Zhang Xiaotian and Hai Tianqiong are talking, but no one can hear them except Zhang Xiaotian, Qin Wan and Yang Xiaodi!
"This mortal world contains the second law of heaven, and only when the boss ascends to the celestial world can he practice further. The practice environment is much better than that of the mortal world!" See Zhang Xiaotian face expression sea sky then said.
"But the celestial world is more terrible than the mortal world, isn’t it?" Zhang Xiaotian responded and then said, "Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes! When the celestial masters count there, I am a pawn who relies on fame! It will be more dangerous! Besides, there are people outside the people and there are immortals outside! There will never be an end! The purpose of my training is to better protect my relatives from harm and worry about life! And if you fly to the celestial world, it will be upside down! " Suddenly, I learned that the celestial world was a big blow to Zhang Xiaotian’s confidence! However, it also made him understand that many things can live with one goal! There are still many things for them to cherish!