They don’t know who Yao Ji Fairy is, but they have heard of the Jade Emperor’s sister! Erlang God Yang Jian’s mother is the jade emperor’s sister!

Especially when I heard that Pang Tianyou’s surname was Yang, it made Zhang Xiaotian more sure of one thing! And Li Fugui also won’t because of this matter!
"You mean … Pang Tianyou, the patriarch of Magic Xuanzong, is Yang Jian’s father?" Zhang Xiaotian was shocked and asked.
"How do you know?" This time it was Li Fugui’s turn to be surprised! A pair of sample looked at Zhang Xiaotian in surprise!
"Everyone on earth knows!" Zhang Xiaotian said with a wry smile that Li Fugui would be an idiot if he couldn’t guess it again. I don’t know how all those myths in the secular world are true!
Then Zhang Xiaotian asked Li Fugui this question.
Li Fugui laughed. "I said, how did you know that it was the secular world that had said! As the saying goes, there is no windtight wall in a good world. If you want people to know it, you have to die! Ten million, ten million! It’s no surprise to be able to go to the earth! "
"No wonder! No wonder! " Zhang Xiaotian suddenly woke up to himself.
"What’s the matter?" Yang Xiao to recover from just shocked state of mind to see Zhang Xiaotian this side reaction can not help but wonder and asked.
"I said that what Pang Shen came to catch Wan’er turned out to be this reason!" Zhang Xiaotian sneered, "I can’t believe it!" Speaking of which, Zhang Xiaotian’s complexion has become cold.
Pang Shen is the eldest son of Pang Tianyou, the patriarch of Magic Xuanzong, which means that he and Yang Jian are brothers! Two people compete for potential PangShen constraints Yang Jian to catch qin wan!
Think of this layer Yang Xiaodi also became aggrieved! They can’t control other people’s fights, but other people’s fights let them be sacrificed! I feel a little wronged when I think about it!
"This … is sister-in-law?" Then Li Fugui suddenly looked at Qin Wan and asked! There is some hesitation in the tone! "hmm!" At some shy Qin Wan Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head!
"Uncle is the master of the Heavenly Ghost Gate and the Qin Gate?" Li Fugui tentatively asked again.
"Do you know my dad?" Qin wan some curious asked
Li Fugui said with regret on his forehead, "The other day, I heard from the leader that the magic Xuanzong Dagong Pang Shenjie put on a wedding …" Speaking of which, Li Fugui now turned around with some ugly faces.
"Cough! The PangShen … "Speaking of which, Li Fugui carefully looked at Zhang Xiaotian.
"Kill!" Zhang Xiaotian said simply that the in the mind is a little uneasy! He killed Pang Shen and told his brother Yang Jian about it. I think the magic Xuanzong won’t let him go!
The original Yang Jian and Pang Shen are enemies, but I didn’t expect this layer of Zhang Xiaotian to be a little depressed! However, this depressed mood will flash by! Pang Shen must kill! When he killed Pang Shen, he was awakened by the demon Xuanzong!
Hear Zhang Xiaotian light words Li Fugui slightly opened his mouth! Staring at Zhang Xiaotian with a dumbfounded look!
"Oh my God! This is over! " After a long time, Li Fugui muttered to himself
"Zhang Dage! You’d better find a place to hide quickly! " Suddenly Li Fugui woke up and said that he was quite anxious in his tone.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Sky-high
"hide? Where to hide? " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a light asked.
"This ….." Li Fugui a stupidly immediately wry smile way "Lingshan those who cultivate Buddha earth treasure can also be your top one! Those practitioners of the magic Xuanzong Sect will hand you over if they come to hide from the king! " In Li Fugui’s view, it is impossible for the earth treasure king to make enemies on both sides of the magic Xuanzong and Lingshan just because of a little affair between Xiao Ran and Zhang Xiaotian! But after thinking for a long time, Li Fugui didn’t think of any place where Zhang Xiaotian could hide.
"Pang Tianyou is Lingshan, and those high Buddhas are also very fearful! He won’t stop if you kill his son! " Li Fugui nai added.
Zhang Xiaotian is also very resistant. From the moment he found Pang Shen, he offended the magic Xuanzong! Pang Shen’s villain behavior theory will offend him completely if he is killed or not! And killing him can cover up a moment!
Suddenly, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, thought of a ten-point problem.
"What has Pang Tianyou achieved?" Zhang Xiaotian eyes staring at the Li Fugui slowly asked some expectations in the tone.
"It is said to be … the late seventh order …" Li Fugui hesitated and said for sure.
Zhang Xiaotian eyes a bright quickly asked "late seventh order! Are you sure? " There was some joy in the tone!
"Don’t underestimate him because of his realm!" See Zhang Xiaotian this pair of happy appearance Li Fugui said with a face of attention "Pang Tianyou is four spiritual practitioners, although it is the seventh-order post-repair, but spiritual power is better than those ordinary monks! The most important thing is that his law attainments are not low! It is said that it can contain secondary array in psychic attack! Fifty thousand years ago, it was the mid-seventh-order repair that killed two magic repairs! Win the position of the underworld in one fell swoop! "
Zhang Xiaotian corners of the mouth a curved smiled slowly relieved in my heart! Four spiritual practitioners? Secondary array to psychic attack? So what? If you don’t reach the order, he Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t care!
"Does he have a monk?" Zhang Xiaotian asked a very important question again!
"Brother Jie?" Li Fugui’s face became very strange after a while and then said slowly, "Brother Order, is it so good to practice! The magic Xuanzong has been supported by Pang Tianyou for fifty thousand years! In addition to Pang Tianyou’s most powerful master, there are also seven-order repairs! Magic Xuanzong is also the only one among the four sects in the world without a friar! " Said in the end Li Fugui some exclamation!
Zhang Xiaotian thought for a moment to make sure that the magic Xuanzong really didn’t threaten him before he nodded his head and said with a light smile, "I’ll pay attention to the magic Xuanzong! You’d better look at these Buddha treasures first! "
Li Fugui hesitated to say anything but didn’t say it. Finally, he sighed slightly and said, "Zhang Dage! To tell you the truth, if you sell these treasures to the king of earth treasure, you will certainly get a good price! "
"Oh?" Zhang Xiao, as a move "what do you mean? Isn’t it better for your business alliance to be so organized than the earth treasure king? " The original Zhang Xiaotian didn’t care much about the commercial organization of the Commercial Alliance, but he never dared to look down upon them after hearing about the two sects of the Fairy Demon!
Li Fugui said with a wry smile, "some time ago, King Earth Treasure exchanged a lot of soul stones for our business alliance! Now the most scarce energy stone in the consortium is the soul stone. If you want other soul stones to be better, if you want the soul stone … "Speaking of which, Li Fugui nai shook his head.
Hearing Li Fugui’s words, Zhang Xiaotian not only frowned and thought for a moment, but then said, "Can’t you transfer some soul stones from the boundary?"
"The world soul stone has always been in short supply! It is impossible to transfer! " Li Fugui look is shaking his head for sure.
"Is there a shortage of soul stones?" Zhang Xiaotian was surprised to hear this from Li Fugui! What are other monks doing with the soul stone?
"Spiritual practice also needs soul stone! It’s not enough for the world to produce the soul Shi Gen. At ordinary times, we should be sent to the world from hell! After the exchange of the earth treasure king, there are not many soul stones left in the No.1 hell alliance! " Li Fugui hesitated a explained.
"Then how many soul stones can you take out now?" Zhang Xiaotian frown sink asked.
"In addition to the number of soul stones transported to the world every year, there are billions of soul stones to move! And Zhang Dage take out this a few pieces of Buddha treasure value is billions … "Thought a Li Fugui replied look embarrassed!
Zhang Xiaotian took a deep breath to hide his excited expression. Billion soul stones! Zhang Xiaotian mind some ripples! To tell the truth, he didn’t expect these treasures to be worth so much money! He can sell hundreds of millions at most! Otherwise, he wouldn’t want to sell all the Buddha treasures.
When Zhang Dianfei was in the secular world, Hou Xiu gained two or three million soul stones from the initial stage of the ghost general to the peak of the ghost king! Now most of the hand repairs in Zhang Xiaotian are in the realm of ghost form! Seven large array Zhang Xiaotian estimated to be able to put them up to the ghost emperor realm! From the ghost king to the ghost emperor, it is a soaring texture. When it comes to the ghost emperor, you must not underestimate any level and you must need a lot of soul stones! Zhang Xiaotian estimates at least five million!
Although the original black beads can save them a lot of soul stones, it is impossible for them to come even when the original black beads are available! More than a billion soul stones plus the original black beads should save about 500 ghosts to rise to the realm of the ghost emperor!
Five hundred ghost repairs are far from enough! Zhang Xiaotian sighed slightly is ten billion soul stone is not enough! You know, there are tens of thousands of members inside and outside their heaven and earth gang!
The most important thing is that Zhang Xiaotian has laid out some narrow escape and ten large arrays in the cold inflammation to let them all go in!
This had to give Zhang Xiaotian a headache! I didn’t expect those forces to be taken back by the earth treasure king! I didn’t expect that the largest business organization in hell, the business alliance, would lack the soul stone!
Zhang Xiaotian is now in urgent need of strength, and the strength of the Tibetan king makes him a little chilling!
Bite teeth Zhang Xiaotian decided to take out the most important killer!
With a wave of his hand, five small white porcelain bottles appeared at the dinner table!
See these white porcelain bottles appear Yang Xiaodi and others look slightly zheng and then returned to normal! But a pair of eyes are keeping a close eye on Li Fugui!
"This is …" See suddenly appeared five small bottles of white porcelain are bowed their heads in meditation Li Fugui asked one leng some hesitation.
"increase your mind and talent!" Zhang Xiaotian said lightly.
Li Fugui eyes a bright hand quickly to the table five small bottles of white porcelain.
See Li Fugui this forced to move Zhang Xiaotian didn’t stop! Instead, slowly out of breath in my heart! Then a face of cool look at Li Fugui waiting for his attitude!
"These mind black liquor can be superimposed to add a ghost repair qualification mind! A drop can make a young ghost reach the blue qualification level! " See Li Fugui dozen bottle a face of puzzled expression Zhang Xiaotian slowly explained.
"Can the end be superimposed?" Li Fugui some trembling some can’t believe looking at Zhang Xiaotian.
"Yes!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head and pointed out that a spiritual energy surrounded the whole body after a circle of polar light said.
"I am a kid after dark, and now the frequency of mental attacks is not special, and it has reached 3,950 waves!" Zhang Xiaotian light said! Telling yourself to make the effect!
"This … this …" Li Fugui stuttered in tone and held the bottle with a trembling hand. Then he quickly put the bottle on the table stopper.
Take a deep breath and Li Fugui said with a serious face, "This is really precious!"
"Do you want to buy it in your business alliance?" Zhang Xiaotian responded and asked lightly.
"buy! Definitely buy! " Li Fugui nodded hard and said for sure.