"This magic weapon can block the order monk attack is the only thing that the sky can do now! This is the fat boy who came to the sky to absorb all the energy and now give it back to the boss! " Speaking of which, the sound of the sky and the sea is a little low

"Maybe … it was a mistake to wake up in the sky!" Sky looked up with a smile.
"Fat this little guy feelings is too heavy! It’s hard for him to remember the sky! Now the sky can finally relax! " The sky and sky show a smile on their faces!
"the sky!" Zhang Xiaotian shouted! I can’t say complicated feelings in my heart!
"In one hundred, the sky will wake up again! At that time, the sky will tell the boss the origin of the sky! " The sky and sky smiled indifferently and the body slowly faded!
"Fat boy!" The blue light flashed and Xiao Qing suddenly appeared around the crowd and shouted eagerly! There is a faint flash in your eyes!
"I’m sorry I lied to you! I am not a fat boy, I am a sea sky! " Weak figure looked at Xiao Qing with a face of apology and said!
"You are not fat, I know!" Small sunny eyes wait for a while looked at the disappearing sky figure mumbling way face across two clear tears wantonly scattered in!
"I know you are not fat!" Xiao Qing said in a daze that his eyes looked around blankly!
"But where is Fat Boy?"
The figure of the sky and sky has completely disappeared, but no one has answered her!
Zhang Xiaotian wait for a while watched the sky disappear and slowly stretched out his hands! White light has disappeared at this time!
A golden solid and a white robe floated into Zhang Xiaotian’s hands!
"This is … Xiange!" Looking at the golden solid, Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes suddenly lit up!
Hai Tianqiong said that Xiange would not die unless he was destroyed!
A hundred years! A hundred years will wake up again! Zhang Xiaotian, remember this time and effort! At the same time, I also remembered this person! Although we spent a short time together, we have an indescribable complex feeling for Zhang Xiaotian, a person who combines fat memories with Hai Tianqiong!
The original trace of resentment also changed with his disappearance!
Reached out and shook the white robe and flew to Zhang Xiaotian! Purple spirit force a push 7749 purple defensive cover was shrouded in Zhang Xiaotian!
"alas!" Stop for a long time, Zhang Xiaotian sighed slightly, and once he turned over the golden Xiange with one hand, he was included in the extreme cold! Looking into the distance, my eyes are getting sharper and sharper!
"elder brother! What happened? " The light flashed out of the battlefield and Yang Xiao and others came to Zhang Xiaotian’s side.
"The sky is asleep!" Qin Wan sighed slightly and said slowly that Zhang Xiaotian didn’t let her take part in the battle! Just now, she also saw the whole thing from the beginning to the end!
"Sleeping?" Yang Xiao slightly one leng.
"A good thing! Is he going to break through again? " Then Yang Xiao said with a face of surprise
"Breakthrough! You are always thinking about a breakthrough! " GongSunZi sound is wrinkly to knit the wrinkled nose some unhappy said! Just now, she didn’t take part in the battle with Li Yaner and Lin Er! I saw the scene just now! I’m very upset about Hai Tianqiong, a teenager who made cute fat boy indifferent. The girls were also moved by the scene just now!
"What the hell is going on?" Yang Xiao scratched his head awkward asked to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and ten Meet the earth treasure king again!
Glancing coldly at those fighting ghosts, Zhang Xiaotian said lightly, "Surround them and don’t let them go."
"yes! Master! " Aside the ice spirit fire spirit immediately became sharp after hearing this command from Zhang Xiaotian. Respectfully replied that his body flashed and he followed the eagle nine and others who didn’t make moves behind him into the battlefield!
The fighting is getting worse!
"elder brother! You were so handsome just now! One move actually kills so many masters! When did you become so powerful! " Yang Xiao asked cheerfully after the ice spirit hands left.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and didn’t answer! Then he suddenly remembered what he had said before the sky disappeared!
Brother Jie, he is no match! Run away immediately after touching it!
"Hissing-"Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning after thinking of this sentence! He can destroy a seven-order Buddhist practitioner with one move now. If it weren’t for the powerful defense magic weapon of Tianbei Buddha, his move would be to destroy two seven-order Buddhist practitioners! Is Brother Jie really that strong? However, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help believing the words of the sea and sky!
"Huh?" Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian noticed several white lights on the battlefield!
"teleport!" Zhang Xiaotian pupil contraction immediately!
Actually, someone teleported while fighting! This means that the other party has reached at least six levels of law!
"I didn’t expect that some of these 10,000 Buddhist practitioners actually practiced the array method to level 6!" Zhang Xiaotian muttered that the flash of purple light turned out to be gone!
Somewhere in the sea of ghosts!
A wave, a golden light and a purple mountain! At the same time!
"Hum! None of them want to escape! " Purple mountain dissipates Zhang Xiaotian cold hum a wave of his hand and several purple psychic powers fly to the golden light!
"Ah-"Jin Guangzhong a scream a head body fell to the sea! Then "plop!" Sink into the sea!
Purple mountain flashing Zhang Xiaotian has disappeared!
Another place in the sea of ghosts!
"plop!" A heavy object fell into the sea.
"The second one!" Zhang Xiaotian murmured that the purple mountain flashed and disappeared again!
Ghost Sea Level 6 array area!
A wave of golden light immediately appeared in the sky!
"The devil! What a demon! " Jin Guangzhong showed a middle-aged monk with eyebrows. At this time, the middle-aged monk was patting his chest with a face of horror and said incoherently in his mouth!
"Fortunately, I law level practice to level 4! Spend some energy and finally come out! I teleported twice. It should be safe here! " Middle-aged monk concerned murmured! While talking to himself, he looked around for fear that someone would chase him. If it weren’t for his exhaustion, maybe he would teleport again!
"Uh-"However, when the middle-aged monk turned back, he couldn’t help but look startled! Then it turned into a corpse and sank into this beautiful and fascinating sea!