Du Gu laughed again. "There’s another Mr. Chen Cheng, who is proficient in six phases. You can’t expect him to come back to save you without him. I’m afraid he can’t get away now."

Chinong said, "You set a trap outside, too?"
"This time, it took a lot of effort to deal with your different elements!" Du said, "All the people from the five halls of gold, wood, water, fire and earth are here! The temporary to deal with in addition to the fire hall left deputy hall master and water hall, earth hall, Jintang three deputy hall master! The situation may not be optimistic. "
I was surprised that Chi Nong and Shao Wei also changed their faces. Captain Gao and others may not know that the five elements are powerful, but we have all seen them!
Shao Wei is nothing but a master of five elements and five tangkou. It is difficult to deal with the deputy tangzhu. This time, they actually dispatched four deputy tangzhu!
The main departments of the four deputy halls are dealing with Cheng Ge. No wonder Cheng Ge hasn’t come back yet!
Different five elements make such a big noise. It must be because of the performance of me, Chi Nong and Cheng Ge, which caused their attention and suspicion. The masters of the four halls, Tutang, Shuitang, Wooden Hall and Huotang, repeatedly stumbled and died, and they were angry and afraid that big sleep would want to destroy us with a powerful array in his hands first!
And this should not be their ultimate goal!
"Yishan Gonglu" and God’s decree should be what they are determined to win!
Captain Gao has asked, "What is your surname Du?"
"It’s very simple," Du Gu said. "Ask Amak Chan to hand over the Records of Yishan and the decree of God, and all of you can live!"
"Yishan Gonglu and the decree of the gods?" Captain Gao wondered, "What is that?"
Du Gu said, "You don’t know Amak Chan. He knows what Amak Chan is like. Do you agree?"
"I’d like to promise," I said. "It’s a pity that these two things are not mine. How can I give them to you?"
"You can’t say it every time," Du said. "I don’t trust you."
"I told the truth the next time, but I still told the truth this time," I said. "If you don’t believe me, you can come and check my body. If you have those two things, you can take them."
God ordered me to be my body, but "Yishan Gonglu" was in my head, and I was justified in saying this.
Du has something to say.
I said, "Why don’t you get rid of the cannibal ants and let’s go together and you and I will get those two things?"
"Ha ha ….." Du Gu sneered. "I’m not stupid. Go ahead. You said that you put those two things there. I’ll get them. If there are any, I’ll come back and let you go. If there are no hey hey … you can’t live!"
I said, "What if you take something and don’t keep your promise to let us go?"
"There’s nothing you can do but trust me," Du Gu said coldly. "Are you qualified to talk about conditions?"
We really didn’t
I’m at my wit’s end
Du Gu squinted at me and said, "Amak Chan, Mr. Chen, tell me where to get it?"
I’m tied up in a cocoon and I don’t know how to answer. A policeman suddenly cried, "Hey, hey, look! The ground is moving! "
Even Du Gu was taken aback by his sudden cry. Looking back, the policeman was dancing, pointing to the ground and looking in the direction he indicated. Sure enough!
The ground is a mixture of earth and stone. It is not as hard as rock, but it is much stronger than ordinary land. But at this moment, the soil and stone on the ground are coming out as if there is something on the surface!
What’s even more strange is that those three or four places used to be full of man-eating ants, and now they are all moving away in panic, not running away!
Du’s face sank.
He strode towards the earth-rock tumbling place through the swarm of man-eating ants.
"Du is not to" Yishan Gonglu "and make god? Do you want it here? "
Du Gu just took two steps when a sound came in from outside the cave.
When the tone fell, something "sou" flew in from the mouth of the cave to meet Du!
Du Fu made a sudden snatch and grabbed that thing, but it turned out to be a dead snake. Du Fu "pooped" a dead snake and dropped it.
The sound sounds bohemian and glib. I feel familiar with it in my ears, as if I had heard Shao Wei before, but I was surprised and cried, "It’s Uncle Jiang! It’s uncle Jiang! Uncle Jiang, come in quickly! We are being bullied to death by this bad guy! "
Shao Wei got in as soon as the words sound just fell.
Dressed in rags, I haven’t washed my hair for many years, and there is a big sack on my back. It’s a flower
It happened that his face was very natural and unrestrained, and his mouth was funny and warm with a smile. It was Cheng Ge and Chi Nongshan and I who saw the scruffy man, the earth-valley snake lying on a big stone and sleeping, marching in front of him without moving!
He is Jiang Yi, the master of Ying Jiang’s family, which was famous for its stunning imperial spirit in the past!
My righteous brother Chen Yuanfang’s first uncle!
Chapter one hundred One mountain is higher than the other.
Jiang Yi is also brazenly among the cannibals, but none of those cannibals climb to his body and even avoid them!
"Who dares to bully my little Weiwei?" Jiang Yi narrowing her eyes staring at du so intensely but deliberately asked 1.
Shao Wei, of course, lost no time in pointing to Du so she stamped her foot and said, "Yes, he is, he is! Ants bite us! "
A bunch of people behind Shao Wei suddenly let out a scream.
The original rolling stone and soil stopped and four monsters came out!
A lamb-sized, white-haired monster with a long mouth!
Their heads are cylindrical, their noses and mouths are covered with cold light, and their thick forelimbs are covered with hard hooked claws!
The white hair is very long, especially the hair at the back of the tail is almost mopped like a broom!
When these monsters come out, man-eating ants are more like fried nests, and they no longer surround us, but they are scattered and fleeing!
Those white-haired monsters with long mouths looked very excited, but they all opened their mouths and shot out a scarlet slender tongue more than six feet long. In the group of cannibals, they made a quick stroke, and the scarlet color of the tongue disappeared instantly, and it was replaced by bluish black because their tongues were covered with cannibals!
These white-haired, long-billed monsters quickly retracted their tongues into their mouths, stayed for a moment, and then stretched out to continue their previous moves.
We were all stunned and shocked. No wonder these man-eating ants are running around like crazy. It turns out that these monsters specialize in eating their natural enemies!
Shao Wei applauded "anteater! Uncle Jiang, where did you find these treasures? "
Jiang Yi said, "It’s not easy for me, Jiang Yi, to find these things?"
Shao Wei said, "They are all so cute!"
I don’t think it’s cute when I look at these monsters, especially when the tongue sticks out and retracts like chihuo …
It suddenly occurred to me that when I was wandering with Chinong and Chengge Mountain that day, I saw a deep hole in the earth. At that time, we wondered if it was a python or something. Now it seems that these anteaters left traces.
Jiang Yi gave me a look and said, "Amak Chan, right? I lied to you about not knowing Shao Wei. I’m sorry. It’s this dead girl who made me say that. I never tell lies. I’m thin-skinned and easy to blush when I tell lies. I’m embarrassed that day. "
Shao Wei "cut" a pool of farmers and muttered in a low voice, "I didn’t listen to you talk nonsense or see you blush."
I solemnly said, "I’m sorry the younger generation can’t salute! The younger generation should thank the older generation for saving their lives! That night, the younger generation was stunned by a sneak attack. If it weren’t for the predecessors’ rescue, the younger generation’s life would be lost. "
"That’s easy to say," Jiang Yi glanced at my arms holding Zheng Rongrong and sighed. "You just went to see this girl that night. It’s a pity that such a good girl died! Beauty is unlucky! "
After what Jiang Yi said, my nose is sour and I almost couldn’t hold back my tears.
Jiang Yi turned his head and glared at Du’s old saying, "It’s all you bad things that make waves! Kill so many koo people! I also want "Yishan Gonglu" and I want God to make it! Shit! Will you people listen to you even if you get the gods? "
"People in the art world have sworn that if they destroy themselves, they will be damned!" Du Gu sneered, and his face turned extremely ugly. He said, "We are not worried about your disobedience, but to my surprise, the news in the surgical field is not true. Jiang Jia’s master Jiang Yi is still alive!"
"Old people live well!" Jiang Yidao "What’s the matter? Not angry? It’s just that his grandmother can’t just walk into the street and say that I’m the grandson of Jiang Yide’s ninth and fifth brigades looking for something, but she still has to walk down the street dressed like a beggar. There are also some tramps who want to bully the old man and say that I’m so tired of fighting for their organization and discipline! "
Shao Wei laughed. "You are like a beggar’s brother. If Yuan Fang’s brother sees that you are now honored, he probably won’t recognize you as an uncle."
"How dare he!" Jiang Yi glared. "His generation will call my uncle a dead man!"
Du Gu was taken aback and said, "Do you say that Chen Yuanfang, the god, should also be alive?"
"You buffoons can all come out and blame each other for being alive and kicking. Will things be dead?" Jiang Yi criticise "pig brain looking forward to we are all dead, you come out evil, right? Dreaming of marrying a daughter-in-law is all fucking beautiful! "
Du asked, "Is he here?"
"What’s he doing here?" Jiang Yidao "deal with you little chop suey? An old man can drown in a bubble of urine, and you still have to go out in person? "