That’s a huge blood-red eye.

Looking around, it looks like the edge of the blood-red vertical pupil formed by the polymerization of several flame blood.
A circle of sacred but weird circular lines is constantly turning.
And as the distance continues to widen,
More and more things came into their eyes one after another.
At the same time
Just like receiving unbearable information, the strange feeling that makes them feel uncomfortable is getting stronger than the pain.
Their brains and souls are running at super power just like machines …
I finally don’t know how long it took.
The true shape of Olga was finally revealed in their eyes.
It’s a statue of greatness enveloped in a number of light wheels.
Even if you do nothing, just being in the void will make the void boil …
Several twisted lines are being burned by the burning flames on his body surface.
That is "fate", "cause and effect", "possibility" …
Because of the nimbus, for hood and them, it is only three calmness than eyes that can see things clearly.
Behind him, he stretched his wings at will and swam his tail like a snake.
This is also the time.
Although I saw the vague shape, the moment I saw the true shape of Olga
"Crimson King", "Blood King", "Vientiane Robbery", "Blood Prison Master", "Disaster", "Border Disaster" …
One name or automatically appeared in their minds.
Announce this title to them.
Hood, they watched
He is slowly moving forward.
Every time Hood takes a step, the time around them will automatically break, and the world line will turn into a bloody flame with being involved, and the place where his feet trample will automatically condense into a step made up of bloody flowers.
Look up.
Seeing that it is all empty, it is already different.
There are steps formed by bloody flowers step by step, and they are still flowing like a torrent, with bloody flames.
Together, they form a huge spiral ladder that runs through several parts of the world line and the time line, connecting the future and the present together and extending towards the more distant past …
That great walk
He came from the future.
Everything in the path was burned.
All the future is over.
Fate, cause and effect also need to bow down
No fight.
No confrontation.
The other party just walked by.
The future and present in the world line and time line, which are likely to be stronger than them, are completely destroyed.
And the five objects that Hood and others saw earlier were just five fingers on his right arm.
The sharp point bent like a sickle is just the finger tip nail …
Now, like marbles, the worldly boat is held at his fingertips at will.
It’s like picking up something to play with
Witness such a sight
Many strong people, including Hood, can no longer bear their incomparable pain and strangeness.
Their eyeballs are like the cracked land after exposure.
Directly to the ashes!
Then hot than flame in the shrill screams from their eyes slowly overflow …
it seems
Is already a half-dead appearance.
Even if Olga didn’t make any power from beginning to end.
I just said a few words casually and revealed my general appearance. Even the detailed appearance was covered by bloody inflammation and nimbus …
But it is already an unbearable blow to the weak.
Being an early [middle demon] became some kind of evil guy.
His real form is a powerful weapon …
Invisible, untouchable, inaudible, inaudible and inconceivable …
Chapter 97 Lord for (13)
"… is a windfall …"
I don’t care about all kinds of scenes in the worldly boat.
Is the so-called words.
Olga’s fingertips tightened slightly.
A lot of flash energy immediately seems to be stimulated [time wall]. The starting point is crazy and gushing out like some kind of disaster that can destroy everything!
Before they could exert their due strength, they were swallowed up by the bloody flames around them for an instant, which seemed like a trap …
Wait for a while.
After all the rubbish in it has been cleaned up.
Olga conveniently put 【 worldly boat 】 in his mouth.
It’s like chewing jelly beans …
Surprise in the look
It can be said that in the face of the pressure of life and death, the final achievement of the other party brought him a little accident
But that’s it!
If their enemies were most "big demons", except for a few high specifications, the other side might have no choice but to take the "worldly boat"
But even if Nai exceeds the standard and exerts his own strength and technology to be the "abyss Lord", he is still a "player", or they have the method to measure the gap …
That gap
Even if Ortega is a busy person, it’s not just a worldly boat to make up for it.