"I don’t care, anyway, this daughter-in-law I have identified and I have already agreed with Qiaoyun."

"The child’s father doesn’t know about it yet, so you and Qiaoyun will settle down?"
"Wang Jun over there to you."
My wife said so. What else can Li Chu say? She can come first.
By the time the two children reached the age of marriage, it was already in the mid-1910 s, when the Chinese people’s thoughts were impacted by the world of flowers and flowers abroad
Who can tell what the two children will be like at that time?
However, in any case, it is only after fooling the wife that the children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. If they want the husband and wife to be happy, they will naturally set an example for the children.
After dinner, Ding Qiunan cleaned the lunch box and went to the pharmacy class.
Li Chu went directly to the ward and looked at Li Qiaoyun. Judging from his pulse condition, he was discharged from the hospital. No problem, but the medicine can’t be stopped when he gets back.
Fortunately, Li Qiaoyun hasn’t had milk for physical reasons, otherwise Li Chuzhen doesn’t know how to prescribe medicine.
He helped to complete the discharge formalities and called Wang Shu’s office to arrange Seimi Zhang to come and pick up Aunt Wang and them home.
When Aunt Wang and them left, Ding Qiunan also ran to help pack things and looked at a lot of large and small things sorted out when they didn’t live for a few days.
Ding Qiunan, who saw them off at the hospital gate, breathed a sigh of relief, "Oh, this can finally go home and sleep."
Li Chu looked at his wife’s face and looked tired. These days, she came out with faint dark circles and said, "Thank you, dear."
"Oh, don’t scream outside." Ding Qiunan was blushed by her husband’s sudden intimacy. I was embarrassed to look around and found that no one noticed their side.
"Hum ignore you, I’ll go to work." Then Ding Qiunan skipped away like a rabbit.
Li Chu looked at her back with a smile, and he could clearly feel the happy mood of his wife.
"Dr. Li, what are you doing at the gate?"
Just about to go in, Li Chu heard someone calling himself behind him.
"Hello, Dean Zhang, my relatives have just been discharged from the hospital, so I’ll see them off."
Vice President Zhang came from the bike. "Oh, it’s your sister-in-law."
Many people in the hospital think that he and Uncle Wang are relatives and uncles, and Li Chu is too lazy to explain.
"Yeah, she was in poor health. It was dangerous to have a baby at that time."
Vice President Zhang nodded. "I heard Li Zhu say that it might be dangerous to go in and get a needle if it wasn’t for you."
"It’s not as exaggerated as Li Zhu said. Even if I don’t go to the needle, they can still have a cesarean section."
Vice President Zhang smiled and touched him. "You are just too modest for a day. I went there first and there are still some things."
Looking at Zhang, vice president of pushing a bicycle, Li Chucai went in and just took a few steps.
"Dr. Li Dafu"
Hey, this door can’t get in. Still
Li Chu turned a look at it. Uncle Zhang called himself.
"Uncle Zhang, what is it?"
Uncle Zhang waved at him with a letter in his hand. "Here’s a letter from your wife. She just went in with her front foot and sent it to her with her back foot."
Li Chu went to Uncle Zhang and took the letter "OK, thank you, Uncle Zhang".
Uncle Zhang smiled and waved into the room.
Li Chu took a look at the letter.
The letter was sent from Quanshui City, Dongshan Province. I remember that my wife didn’t know anyone there.
I looked at the postmark date. It’s almost a month. It’s not too far to come over there. Why did it take so long?
Li Chu turned the letter upside down and read it for a long time. This letter is not thick. It is estimated that there are not many sheets of paper in it.
However, the stationery inside is folded, and it seems that it is still folded in a shape.
The handwriting on the envelope is quite beautiful. It’s imitation of Song Dynasty.
I didn’t see anything, and Li Chu didn’t mean to take the letter and walked to the outpatient hall.
When I entered the outpatient hall, I saw a few people waiting to get medicine at the window of the Chinese pharmacy.
Li Chu hesitated for a moment, but he was busy over there. He looked at the letter in his hand and Li Chu turned and went out.
It’s almost lunch time, and so will I give it to her later.
Back to the clinic, Li Chu conveniently put the letter on his desk and poured himself a glass of water.
Sitting behind a desk, I was just about to find something to do, and suddenly I thought that I hadn’t checked in for a long time. One hour is enough for lunch.
Li Chuda gave the order, followed by a series of ding-ding noises, and his head was about to explode.
Why can’t you shut up? He groans and can stand it like this.
Ding-ding rang for two or three minutes before it stopped
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Skills
It took Li Chu a long time to recover after the sound stopped.
Open the warehouse and see if there is anything good this time.
What comes into view in the warehouse is a variety of canned milk powder, a pile of cash and various tickets, including small and large yellow croaker.
Put all these things in order and put them in their respective boxes. Finally, there is one left.
Li Chu picked up the cover with excitement and his heart immediately cooled.
Learning English skills and experience is limited to people.
It’s not that if English skills are not good, there will be no bad skills. How can it be bad if you open them? The problem is that English is not real now, even if he can.
Li Chu, when they studied Russian, you suddenly know English now. Where did you learn it? Do you have any hidden secrets? Did you have an affair abroad?
Alas, he looked at his skills and secretly sighed.
Learn when you go back. You must be careful not to show that you know English.