"At that time, I suspected that you were the direct blood relatives who were living outside. You know, let the body sharingan not rule out 100% fit. Then I don’t know who else can do this except Uchibo. You want to hide the group and transplant sharingan to my grandfather’s idea. You should know that sharingan’s fit is not to say that it is fun. Besides, Kakashi has been suppressing his growth because sharingan’s body is not fit enough. Therefore, I suspect that my brother has sharingan blood and can continue to talk about it! "

Shu Mao continued to nod with three generations!
"But you know what? However, when I was doing the experiment, I accidentally knocked over my brother’s blood in the test tube. When I was cleaning up, I accidentally cut my hand by the test tube, and then my brother’s blood flowed into my body along the exit. Then I felt that my body was burned like a stove. My laboratory was so painful that I went crazy and smashed the whole laboratory! Then I passed out. When I woke up, I was shocked, and there was a foul smell of sludge. I couldn’t stand it, so I took a shower. But when I looked in the mirror after taking a shower, I found that I was younger. You may not feel anything, but I can still tell that I am the most beautiful, otherwise I wouldn’t have developed this technique, right? Then when I ran chakra, I couldn’t believe it myself, because this little tree grew out of me and directly pierced the laboratory bathroom! "
"That’s because I didn’t control my strength well, and then I was scared by my own conclusions!"
"What conclusion?"
"Brother’s body blood can activate hidden blood. Even sharingan and Mu Dun can be activated. So what blood can’t be activated? Then I thought that Shu Mao must have immortal blood, so as to show what would have such a powerful blood-following effect! "
"Apes call me out!" Three generations of hearts sounded ape magic sound.
Three generations directly summoned apes and demons.
"Fox, you also come out!" The first thing the ape-man said when he came out was to shout little fox.
Fox jumped out of Shu Mao’s arms and climbed directly to Shu Mao’s head and lay down.
"Real tree mau is immortal reincarnation this matter I have long known the fox oh shouldn’t say Kyubi no Youko also has long known! Right, Kyubi no Youko? "
Three generations and Gang Shou know the true identity of Fox.
"Well, yes, I did know about it. After I was summoned from that seal by the imp, I guessed that the imp had immortal blood."
"But he’s not six. He’s another fairy blood, a new fairy blood. You haven’t been back to the psychic world for a long time, so you may not know that the psychic world now knows the news of the birth of the second fairy! Generally speaking, we will not come out of the mountain, and the boss of the psychic world is the three immortals, but we know that there are not many people in Huaguoshan, but there are also many. This is why we say that the old ape ranks among the three monsters because we Huaguoshan are the first to hide the psychic fairy. "
"I don’t admit that!"
"Of course, if you nine brothers in bijuu swept the whole psychic world like that, you could have broken more than half of the Master Roshi Dojo in the psychic world because of the ranking problem of your nine bijuu!"
Master Roshi?’
"No, that’s not the understanding. It was the former Ootutuki Hagoromo who came to exercise people’s strength. bijuu perfectly integrated the Dojo. Because it was a 10,000-year-old giant turtle, the Dojo was named Master Roshi Dojo!"
"Oh, so that’s it. I’m still a tortoise!" It turned out that celebrities and Kirby practiced that Dojo.
"Because of your fighting in those days, most psychic beasts were destroyed by you, and now there are only three immortals."
"But what does this have to do with the blood of the immortal Shu Mao?"
"About a year ago, all ancient psychic beasts had a presentiment of the news of the birth of a new fairy! I was sent out by the elder to look for the reincarnation of the immortal. I have been to many places, but I haven’t found anyone with similar power until … "
"Until I call you out?"
"That’s right. I didn’t know that Shumao was the person I was looking for until you called me out and my heart shook. You won’t finish the contract with him on the spot?"
"That’s right. Later, I picked him a peach in Huaguoshan, which was planted by an immortal in ancient times. Only when there is no immortal state can it be realized. Then it is the best proof of the reincarnation of immortals because that tree is a fairy tree!"
"What would happen if it wasn’t the reincarnation of the immortal?"
"Direct explosion!" Kyubi no Youko said.
"Kyubi no Youko has eaten everywhere. He knows that at that time, there was a fairy tree in Huaguoshan who wanted to taste the fruit. Of course, Kyubi no Youko can’t just grab a fruit and eat it. Then it should be crazy with pain."
"Yes, if it weren’t for my strong chakra, I just learned the natural energy, which made it estimated that I would explode at that time. At that time, I directly grabbed the monkey and started the battle for the ranking of the nine bijuu for thousands of years, which also broke more than half of the psychic world! I’ve always wanted to compete with that dead snake, but the insidious dead snake finally United with the other two, one was an old slug and the other was a smelly toad, which sealed up our nine bijuu and entered the present world. Since then, our living place has become the present world, and we in bijuu have begun to become a column force brigade.
Finally, it was not until the first generation appeared and distributed us to various countries that we ended our struggle that lasted for ten thousand years. "
"No, didn’t I hear that you were all separated from the tree of God?" Shu Mao asked
"Where did you hear that?" Kyubi no Youko asked.
"The amount is a family record."
"Ha-ha, that’s the shame of their nine bijuu!" The old ape smiled very happily.
"That’s right. When that smelly snake sealed us together, we grew up. The vitality of bijuu gradually merged and gradually formed a new bijuu-ten tail!"
"What ten tail is the fusion of your strength?"
"Yes, ten tail can have so much power and can devour us, but ten tail lacks self-awareness. That is to say, ten tail is a bijuu fusion shell, but it contains all our strength. This is also our nine bijuu weaknesses. Otherwise, how much power can you have in your later years? How can you take apart ten tail? That’s because we came to nine, and after we took it apart, our strength base was drained by ten tail, so we can degenerate to childhood. That’s why we are so weak now that we have to rely on the strength of the column! This is also the shame of our bijuu. "
"So weak?" Shu Mao is puzzled.
"In ancient times, they broke more than half of the psychic world, which is why the three psychic beasts are called the three immortals, and we didn’t take part in Huaguoshan because our king is four-tailed! Otherwise, it is now the four immortals! " The old ape monster directly broke the news!
These things will Gang Shou with three generations of one leng one leng.
"How big is the psychic world?"
"Oh, you ask this question? Do you know how big the three immortals are? "
Three people shook their heads.
"Every fairy land is as big as fire nation. Now do you know the size of the three fairy lands?"
The heads of three people are like good students.
"Our Huaguo Mountain is twice as big as the three immortals. The key is in Xianshu. Our Huaguo Mountain is almost the size of two fire nation. Therefore, the three immortals plus Huaguo Mountain is equivalent to five fire nation’s size, and the other places where psychic animals live add up to one fire nation’s size. Then the current psychic animal kingdom is six fire nation’s size. This is a small part and a half of the ancient psychic world. The remaining four parts are broken by their nine brothers!"
These three people were stunned, even the eyes of Shu Mao looking at Kyubi no Youko changed, and Kyubi no Youko was a little scared.
"So you know what the strength of the nine ancient bijuu is?"
Chapter 60th Universal Tree Mau Blood Following ()
"I know!"
"Wow, Kyubi no Youko, you are so powerful, so he has you in bijuu?"
"We are now ranked according to the tail. I am the boss. The number of tails is 9. Old Yao is a tail, but in ancient times, the ranking is almost the same. But there is a special guy who is a death pet cat! Because it can directly absorb the strength of the soul, then others will name it according to the number of tails! "