Yu Long couldn’t help but feel a tight intuition told him that it was definitely not simple.

"Is it that your concubines have been tampered with by him?" Yu Long has been aware of it and immediately asked, "Is the Great Emperor like this?"
The blood baby emperor didn’t want to hide it, so he said, "It’s true … God secretly killed the evil god. If he can’t find the antidote in a month, my wife will know how to kill the evil god."
"There will be another way," Yu Long comforted.
The blood baby emperor Yang said, "I’ve tried many ways these days, but none of them can succeed. There is not much time left. No one can help him solve the evil method except respecting God."
"Hey-!" Yu Long sighed and turned his eyes to the light and sneered at God. "You are really sinister enough. It is really admirable that you have already left your own way out."
Light and god cold hum a "respect for doing things has always been a legacy"
Yu Long zheng immediately suddenly blood baby emperor beside indifferently "ah, blame me for negligence, otherwise things wouldn’t be like this".
Yu Long sighed, "Emperor, I deeply sympathize with you. I really can’t let go of respecting God, which will affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people."
"I know-!" The blood baby emperor said, "you have your principles, I have my lover. I will fight bloody battles to the end, even if I die, it is a fair death."
After listening to the words of the blood baby emperor, Yu Yu was awed. There were so few people who attached great importance to feelings and righteousness that he didn’t want to give up this excellent opportunity.
Today, the first world war has torn the face with the god of light. If you let him go back, it will be difficult to find such an opportunity again.
"God, let’s make a discussion. You can understand the evil gods of the emperors’ concubines. Can I give you a good time?" Yu Long asked the side head.
"Do you think I will say yes?" Light respects God and laughs lightly.
"You will promise-!" Long Yuhan said, "Because you don’t choose-!"
Stopped Yi Long Yu seriously said, "Even if the emperor helps you, you can confront me head-on, which won’t change the ending at all. It makes me suffer, so I might as well die in exchange for a good time. I can even allow you to end it yourself."
"Nice try-!" The light statue of God laughed. "Yu Long will be extinct even if I die."
"What do you mean?" Yu Long look dignified.
"I’ll explain!" The blood baby emperor took the topic and said, "If you want the evil method, Yu will have fifteen more emotions. Even if you and Rowling kill the evil dragon Yu, you may not be able to stop them."
Yet a Yu Long immediately frightened.
I thought a little about Yi Long’s Yu Dao, "Emperor, I can promise you to take the God of Light back, but I have to seal his power before I leave."
Speaking of which, Yu Long turned to look at Guangzun God and said, "Do you agree?"
The god of light hesitated for a while and finally nodded and said, "Well, I agree."
"Emperor, I will give you ten days," Yu Long said. "No matter what you can do in these ten days, I hope you will learn from the deity as soon as possible that I will kill the two worlds in ten days to solve the evil method."
"Thank you!" Thanks to the blood baby emperor
The god of light shouted, "You still won’t let me go."
"Not bad!" Yu Long said with awe, "You have ten days and ten days. You can try your best to run for your life."
"Ten days is my bottom line and I can give you a limit," Yu Long said. "I can’t respect God’s greed with the stability of hundreds of millions of creatures."
"I know I will cherish these ten days," said the Blood Baby Emperor. "I think ten days.
Enough is enough. "Seriously, the blood baby emperor can understand Yu Long = it is good to make such a big concession.
Yu Long nodded and didn’t speak again.
He walked quickly over to Kyushu, where the dragon’s breath sealed the breath of light and god, and the whole process of respecting god had no resistance.
"Emperor, before it’s too late, you should take the deity home first. If there’s anything I can do for you, I hope you can let me know," Yu Long said.
"Well, I will!" The blood baby emperor thanked him and left with light.
It’s been three days since I returned to the real world. Yu Long told all the women the specific situation, and said that in a week, he would personally go to the other side of the world to end the life of God and the blood baby emperor. It would be good if those princesses could be rescued. If they were rescued, there was no way.
Of course, he didn’t catch it these three days.
He went to destiny to discuss an evil thing with Rowling and the goddess of fate. Destiny told Rowling that they would come up with a solution as soon as possible.