God of light also looked at Yu Long’s eyes, slightly narrowing her eyes, and the cold light appeared and disappeared. He knew very well that the first world war would never end.

"Do you really want to talk to me?" God’s eyes narrowed even more. Now he can’t see through Yu Long.
Think about when he was just an ant.
At that time, if you want to kill Yu Long, it would be as simple as running over an ant, but now Yu Long has shown his strength.
Raising tigers
It’s too late to regret it now.
"Have you benefited from the battle of the plate and the fate?" The light statue of God clearly entered Long Yu’s ears. "You are bound to pay something if you get benefits from them. Don’t be strong now, in fact, you are stupid … It is wise to have a choice to be with me."
Yu Long was slightly coagulated, saying, "This is an illusion."
Long Yuwei is proud, and now he finally scares the light god.
Yu Long calmly breathed every inch of his body, every muscle was in the best attack state, and his gestures controlled the situation of the two men’s war.
You can’t wait for dozens of meters, but it seems far away. But what’s the difference between a god of light and a dragon? If the other person is willing to blink of an eye, he can bully the god in front of him. He feels fear. He is worried that it will be worse for him if he continues to castrate like this. He wants to solve this fight as soon as possible, even if it is a lose-lose.
Long Yu’s eyes are full of anger and anger, and a flash of sword light lights up in the middle of the murderous look of copying the sword.
In Long Yu’s great power, the pressure light and the respect for God are constantly retreating and accelerating, which is thrilling.
The light statue of God slowly converges his mind. He squints slightly at Long Yu in the snow. Before Yu Long’s sword, the light statue of God can avoid its front. Now he has no ability to confront Yu Long head-on
Finally, he can retire.
Through the dazzling brilliance, Long Yu stabbed him in the chest with a sword, and at the same time swept past with one foot, kicking the God of Light out.
A moment later, the light statue of God struggled to climb up from the ground, and there was a blood stain on his lips. He stared coldly at Yu Long’s eyes, and suddenly one mouthful blood vomited out again.
Yu Long quietly without a trace of emotion in his eyes, squinting at the footsteps of the light statue of God gradually approaching, he knew that the light statue of God had decided to desperately.
In the dark, the miniature eye pupil wiped the blood on his lips and licked his lips with a hissing smile. "It’s good that I was finally injured again after so many years."
Looking at getting closer to the light statue of Shenlong, there was a flash of determination. Staring at the light statue of God coldly, he took a deep breath and suddenly disappeared from the original place.
Light god leng for a while and then his eyebrows slightly wrinkled lip corner flush a little emotional complex indifferent smile suddenly become a vague shadow instantly disappear with Long Yu figure.
Half-finished Long Yu has made a passage to Wonderland, and he doesn’t want to destroy the Xuanmen by fighting with the God of Light.
It is still a fairyland suitable for fighting.
Yu Long stepped into the passage and said, "Let’s go to Wonderland and fight to the death."
Light statue of god nodded and agreed without hesitation.
"Sister Han Jie Yukime, you go home and don’t follow me. I can handle it." Yu Long smiled at the daughters and lost a confident look and left.
Daughters glance at each other and then give up the plan to prey on the array with the past.
They firmly believe that their men will win.
The decisive battle between the two men is still in the purgatory mountain, and they each occupy a mountain. Yu Long first went to the light statue god to float to the ground and the whole body shone brightly.
In the face of desperately trying to honor the dragon, Yu did not dare to hold great cohesion and looked coldly at the light.
The light statue of God stared coldly at Yu Long, and suddenly the previous step turned into a white streamer, and the big lightsaber in his hand went to Long Yu’s chest. Yu Long was ready to hum for a day, and the imitation sword suddenly turned around and arranged a defense in the whole body.
At the same time, Yu Long also summoned four candlesticks in an instant, but it didn’t panic that the great light Excalibur no longer rushed into the great light Excalibur.
A firebird instantly destroyed Long Yu’s four candlesticks.
Light statue of god smiled slightly "if you really want to try very hard, you will not take advantage of it …" Long Yudao "If you try very hard, you are wishful thinking, and my roots are not there. If you try very hard, you are dead." Yu Long is also trying to stimulate your body strength to the maximum extent.
Powerful murderous look swept over the light statue of God, and his footsteps were unstable. Just then Long Yumeng shook his shoulders and rose to attack the light statue of God.
Seeing the sword, I will stab the light statue of God in the eyes, and suddenly the red awn bursts into my body, so that I can easily avoid Yu Long’s attack and disappear instantly.
Just as Long Yu was slightly surprised, he felt a murderous look. Although he didn’t feel the power, he felt the limit of flank.
Although Yu Long was a little surprised, he didn’t lean back with his feet behind him to drive the rising air to hit the Tianshi sword in an instant and strangle the murderous look.
At the same time, Long Yu’s feet kept gently flying to the hands of the God of Light, and the heavenly sword was constantly waving.
The light statue of God’s reaction has been hit by the first blow, and it is difficult to escape the attack again. The light statue of God has been stabbed by Yu Long for five or six swords in the whole body
Yu Long sink a way "the end-!"