"Have you figured it out?" The light in the eyes of the God of Light gradually faded away and said slowly, "Are you going to bet on billions of creatures? Do you want them to be buried with you?"

Yu Long nodded. "I figured it out, but I’m not going to let Yu hundreds of millions of creatures do the fact that I’m buried with you."
"Can you really destroy the world by yourself?" Yu Long frowning at light statue of god; "How long do you want to lie?"
Light statue of god to lip Angle flush a sneer at "what? It seems that you heard something from somewhere. Yu Long, I warn you not to believe those rumors. If you believe those rumors, you will regret it. "
"Pretend … keep pretending." Yu Long sighed and shook his head. "I think you are a wise man. By the way, I almost forgot to tell you that I have met Pangu people."
"What person? Disk battle? " God of Light suddenly said indifferently, "It must be something Panzhan told you. Hum, if you buy shares and believe Panzhan’s words, then you are stupid."
"He wants to borrow your hand to get rid of me and destroy the world he hates," said the God of Light. "That’s a crazy fact. He’s crazy."
"When Pangu was destroyed by fate, he was already crazy," said Guangzun slightly squinting. "If you are willing to believe a crazy story, I have nothing to say."
"By the way, where did you see him?" The light god’s eyes narrowed even more. A cold light came out of his eyes, and his tone was faint, angry and sad. He laughed and said, "It’s a pity that he is still the head of Pangu clan. I didn’t expect that when I refused him for help, today he maliciously slandered me and planned to borrow your hand to get back at me."
"Is he dead?" God of light asks
"no!" Yu Long shook his head.
After a pause, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and said, "In addition to the plate battle, I also met the fate god. You are right. There is a fate god in this world."
The God of Light’s eyes gradually stared at Yu Long’s face with a touch of anger, then disappeared and said coldly, "What did she tell you?"
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Chapter VII Chapter VI Accidents
The god of light is also a madman … She killed her lover Pangu. When the battle was over, she was also crazy. "The god of light smiled coldly." Unfortunately, you met two madmen. "
Long Yu smiled and said, "Unfortunately, two crazy remarks are not good for you."
The God of Light finally laughed, "You choose to trust them."
The god of light slowly opened his eyes and his pupils were unusually clear, calm and indifferent, and there was no emotion. "Tell me, what are you going to do?"
Yu Long raised his right arm and pointed the sword that day straight at the other Buddha.
"Are you going to follow me?" Light statue of god eyes slightly narrowed at Yu Long.
Long Yuyan smiled and gripped the hilt. "It’s time to solve your trouble."
Guangzun God approached Yu Long slowly, and his eyes narrowed slightly and said, "Even if you accompany the lives of hundreds of millions of people, are you willing to do it?"
Yu Long squinted and pursed his lips like a god. "I told you I was sure enough."
Stopped Yi Long Yu said with a smile, "I admire your psychological quality very much, and you still refuse to admit it."
After the sentence, Yu Long didn’t start work with a horse, but looked at the light god coldly.
Yu Long has always had full confidence since he met the God of Destiny and after the war. He can definitely solve the problem of honoring God without worrying.
Yu Long can confirm this because he knows what kind of person Guangzun is, and Guangzun is a cold but hypocritical person.
His hypocrisy made him forget his misdeeds, such as telling lies, but he took it for granted that he was telling the truth.
Yu Long is hypocritical, too, but he is pure compared with God.
Yu Long heart micro said "the end of the statue of god".
"You will regret it …" The light statue of God looked at Yu Long coldly and said without any emotion.
"I don’t know if I regret it until I do it …" Yu Long grinned happily with the heavenly sword.
Yu Long’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter, and there is no trace of distractions in his mind. He is very strong and has a strong fighting spirit. The murderous Tianshi Fa Jian has decided to start work.
Instant Yu Long has drifted to the front of the light statue of God, and every muscle in his right arm has violently exploded with the most amazing energy. In the law of heaven, every sword of Yu Long can bring out the maximum strength. The flint Long Yu even stabbed four swords and four swords, and unexpectedly, these four swords were actually thorns.
Instant four swords unexpectedly stab Long Yu slightly surprised,
"Hum but so-!" Light statue of god slightly kiss xiu said "stop now …"
"ridiculous!" Long Yu stabbed several swords with a light drink, but the sword was exhausted, but he could no longer surge and get close to the God of Light.
The light statue of God stroking the sleeve is extremely natural and unrestrained and understated, and at the same time, his slight movement subtly makes Yu Long’s long-awaited attack solved.
The tip of Tianshi Fa Jian kept humming and trembling, which seemed to be a kind of frustration. Yu Long’s face was still calm without any disappointment, and the light in his eyes was suddenly gathered and turned into a dead silence.
His eyes are full of murder, and there is no trace of emotion mixed with indifference. At this moment, the sword in his hand has become a dead thing, and the baby works on its own. The power runs in Long Yu’s body for two Sunday, and finally the sword that imitated the method will be made bright and bright that day.
This sword went out without leaving a retreat and stabbed it forward.
It’s horrible to break the roar and ring for a moment, but it seems to ring for a long time when it falls in the ear of the light god.
This time, the god of light did not escape, but urged the body to get angry to the maximum extent, and the whole person ignited a blazing fire.
At that moment, the surroundings were as hot as being thrown into the stove.
Yu Long took a deep breath, drank lightly, and continued to attack the past god. After all, he took a step back. However, the tip of his body Tianshi Fa Jian still kept a little distance, but it was this little distance that he always touched.
Light statue of god coldly looking at nearly must be close at hand. Yu Long’s face looks particularly terrible. The whole body flame diffuses a powerful and overbearing atmosphere.
"kill!" A kill word export Yu Long again afterburner sharp Tianshi sword finally close to some again.
At this time, the light statue of God wanted to fight back, but looking at Yu Long’s attack method didn’t show any flaws, giving people a feeling of attacking from scratch.
However, Yu Long also stabbed in the sword at the moment
"This time, the Great Light Excalibur has absorbed enough strength, so I can’t believe that I can’t beat you." Just as the impending stalemate continued, Guangzun took out the Great Light Excalibur.
One or two people’s double swords collided violently, and a violent force surged from Tianshi’s sword, and blood burst out from the jaws of the gods, but he didn’t withdraw his sword because he knew that his will to fight again at this time would never retreat.
Yu Long’s eyes became more and more indifferent, and the chaotic Force surged out.
Seeing that the situation was not good, the light statue of God bounced back like a flash, and when he was steady, he held a sword and cut the dragon at Longyu’s face.
Long Yu pupil can clearly see the extremely bright sword light.
Yu Long stepped on his hands and clasped the heavenly sword to meet him.
When the two men fought hand-to-hand again, the explosion sounded a powerful shock wave in Longyu.
Light statue of god dark call a wrist flash hanging shape fell to the ground repeatedly took seven steps back to stop.
Then the light statue of God roared like a gust of wind and went straight for Yu Long’s body. The big lightsaber target was Yu Long’s chest.
This seems like an understatement, but it is very powerful, that is, if Yu Long were someone else, his life would have been in danger at the moment.
Yu Long, with his flexible posture, immediately summoned six candlesticks and jumped toward the light statue of God together.
The escape of the light statue of God was eventually hurt by the last dragon who asked for him. He covered his chest and gushed out one mouthful blood, but he still stood firm and stared at Yu Long in the distance.
Light statue of god looked at Yi Long Yu coldly, frowning slightly, squinting at the distance and Yu Long said, "It’s good that your strength has surpassed mine."
Yu Long laughed. "Now that you know all about it, you might as well end it yourself."
"Nice try-!" The god of light said, "Don’t smirk before you are the real winner."
Yu Long squinted at the blood seeping from his lips, but his face wore a very refreshing smile.