Rowling’s nose is crooked.

Seeing her brother Yu Long flirting with the culprit, Destiny, she felt a twinge of discomfort.
"Rowling thinks that we have some misunderstandings about fate, and maybe the dish war is the culprit." Yu Long quickly explained the situation here to her.
After the event, Yu Long said, "You and I will protect the law and let fate extract my strength. After monitoring her, I will give it to you."
After hearing what Yu Long said, Rowling’s hostility to fate weakened a little.
At the same time, she no longer interferes with the fate to extract strength from Long Yushen.
"ok!" Long Yu mind a fiercely said, "After that, I have to rush back to solve the trouble of God of Light."
Destiny just nodded his head and cast spells to extract Yu Long’s body strength.
Throughout the process, Rowling kept a close eye on fate for fear that she might take the opportunity to hurt Yu Long’s brother, but her worry was unnecessary.
Fate seems to be very disciplined.
She didn’t mean to hurt Yu Long at all.
In an hour, fate completed the power extraction, and her face was much redder than before because of the chaotic force nourishing her.
The temperament of the whole person has changed
More importantly, her chronic illness has completely disappeared.
At this moment, fate is like being reborn.
She looked at Yu Long gratefully and said, "I really appreciate you. No matter what your purpose is, I will appreciate your help. I believe that my strength will return to its peak in ten years."
"You are wrong-!" Yu Long said, "Don’t forget that there is still a part of Kyushu Dragon Power … You can recover to the peak in a few months."
Rowling heard this and shouted, "Brother Yu Long, you are playing with fire."
Look at fate and say, "I believe you are a goddess who reciprocates. From the first time I saw you, I didn’t think we were enemies, did I?"
"hmm!" Destiny nodded and said, "Your intuition is very accurate, and I won’t be your enemy … Speaking of which, Destiny turned to Rowling and said with a smile," Girl, I know you are jealous, otherwise you won’t dislike me. Please rest assured that I am not interested in him. Besides, if I can’t, I will control the fate of the world … "
Rowling snorted and stopped talking.
"Ha ha!"
Yu Long chuckled and Rowling said, "Rowling, the goddess of fate is really a good goddess. You haven’t been with her for a long time, so there is a bad feeling. In fact, if you get along with her for a long time, you will be good now. Well, I have to go back to the place to straighten out the light and respect the gods. What about you? Stay with the goddess during this period, monitor her and ask her for a good puritan."
Yu Long joked that "Yu can’t have a woman with more knowledge than her because she is old enough"
"Go to hell!"
Fate proudly said, "age is not a problem for gods."
"Whatever!" Yu Long chuckled, "It’s better to remember my Rowling. She wants to know that you will answer."
Rowling was reluctant to share with Yu, but when she heard this sentence, she understood that Yu Long’s brother meant to let her stay and learn from fate.
With this in mind, it is slightly difficult for her to agree to stay.
The fate of god did not disagree.
Originally, Yu Long planned to go directly to the two worlds to clean up the light and honor the gods, but after thinking about it, he still went back to the real world to report peace to everyone. They were still worried about themselves.
Tianyuan has been back for a few days. It is estimated that Yukime and others should know about him and Rowling.
Sure enough, after Yu came back, Yukime, Tang Xiangxiang and Han Yue all gathered around and asked about the cold and warm. Yu Long quickly told them the situation.