That man obviously means that Brother Ying Bei doesn’t want him, and now he is still a little upset about his successful escape.

Although he is still in a normal tone, everyone has surpassed his spirit and beast, so he is more afraid of him. He is careful to promise, even though he is curious about his monster beast, he dare not take the initiative to ask anything
I heard that Mao Jing, who was going to divide the other ship, tasted the sweetness once, and Rio Tinto and others couldn’t help but sweep away the excitement and hurriedly flew to the "Tianzujiao" ship.
Yu Qi, who is dead, doesn’t know if everyone forgot or what, but there is no one else.
Perhaps because of an experience, this finishing irony is much more neat than just now, but when Yang Xiu was half-scented, he was assigned a lot of monster beast materials
Among them, he also found a black gourd in a room, and now it is filled with the monster spirit in the Dan period, which made him happy for quite a while … Zhengyou will be refined into a Biluo peak in the future, and the face of ghosts will not be recovered.
watch from a height or distance
After all this, meet Na Tuo and Tan Binggong, who respectively played several Dan fires, and instantly burned two seagoing ships to ashes in those two ships.
Then they returned directly to the cabin and went out again.
Later, Yang Xiu and others experienced a particularly strong storm after the waves, a group of birds attacked by a "one-eyed eagle", and they also met two powerful monsters fighting in the sea, and so on. Finally, after two years, except for Tan Binggong who was killed in a monster attack, they were successfully brought to the famous island where Master Lin was going.
Although it took more than two years in total, most of them were delayed by some accidents, which took so long.
Although the period is breathtaking, Yang Xiu also took advantage of this period to successfully refine the famous Fabi Luofeng on the ship. Now it has been placed in another body for refining and can initially exert its power.
And the "eagle claws" that the demon beggar stole from God also made the ghost of heaven successfully sacrifice and refine its own magic weapon when it was cleared, and finally made it have combat effectiveness in front of the monks in the Xie Dan period. Yang Xiu also secretly relied on it to resist some dangers.
In your mind, I found that "the nine beautiful pictures of the golden body" and that Yang Xiu, who can pass through the virtual magic weapon "through the cloud cone", also refined them one by one.
Because after such a small battle, he felt that it was decisive to have a few magic weapons in his hand, so he was able to refine all these powerful magic weapons.
In these two years, he once again made a purple jade gourd and secretly observed a crowd reaction, most of which was to show envy and look in the north. It seems that no one recognized that this was a smile. Although I don’t know how many people’s expressions are true or false, he was relieved to see this.
The edge of the island is gloomy, the trees are full of trees, the grass is long, the roads are long, and there are several islands connected to it, so it is not obvious.
Nearly 1000 meters away from the outlying islands, Mr. Lin made people stop their ships and prepare to fly to the island shore here.
Mainly to prevent ships from being damaged by monsters living on the island.
According to the previous agreement, it is necessary to send Master Cai to the center of the famous island, and Yang Xiu and others can prepare it from the ship, so everyone seems a little excited. After all, after more than two years of turbulence in the sea, they can’t stand it.
Except those sailors who stayed in the boat, Yang Song and others followed Master Lin out of the cabin and flew to the island.
The island is deserted and overgrown with weeds, so Yang Xiu and others can fly there.
But in this way, there will be birds in the dike, so all the people are not flying high, and they have already carefully guarded their respective defense shields around.
No one wants to have any accidents at the end.
The island is extremely quiet, and you can hear the sound of the tide beating on the island shore and the sound of the sea breeze, and there is not even a bird singing.
However, as the saying goes, there is always a demon in the anomaly, so all this can make people more careful and dare not relax. After all, hiding in a calm storm is even more frightening because of the unknown.
They slowly flew to the center of the famous island, etc. and came to the east and west of the island.
And besides Master Lin, Yang Xiu and others were stunned when they saw the area in the middle of the island, and then their hearts suddenly accelerated.
I saw an extremely broken palace standing in it, and the corpse temple should be jade. In some years, various vines and weeds were repeatedly covered on the surface of the building, which made it almost integrated with the island plants. If it was not for Yang Xiu and others, it might not be recognized.
Seeing the palace made everyone feel relieved, because it meant it was coming to an end.
However, people are not in a hurry to fly and get to the end. Maybe the closer the danger is, the less careless they are.
But surprisingly, when people came to the palace in the center of the island, they didn’t encounter any danger after it collapsed. Not even a monster beast came out and attacked it. It seems that there is no monster beast on the island.
This makes Yang Xiu feel more suspicious and uneasy when he is relieved. After all, this is abnormal.
He also secretly paid attention to a young master Lin’s expression and saw that he was also puzzled. Obviously, this was out of his expectation.
"Master Lin, since we have been sent here, we have finished this time. Why don’t we leave here and meet again!" Deng Tuo likes to break the calm and say to Master Lin.
Although everything here is likely to be in some secret or ancient monk’s treasure, if everyone has not seen Master Lin’s monster beast in his infancy, he may be in a state of mind, but now he wants to leave quickly.
It’s weird here, but the second is that I’m a little worried about Master Lin. It would be wrong to kick down the ladder to keep the secret here.
Beaten men, one in one, everyone goes to the comment area. There are too many points for irrigation. Save the waves and send them every day after today.
Chapter two hundred and four Monsters
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and four Monster
Master Lin’s well-placed doubts about the island divination are calm! "Well, Gong Du Road worked hard for everyone, Mr. Lin? "
"In the master" Lin housekeeper respectful way
Master Lin said lightly, "You give the" Send Operator "to all Taoist friends. Surely all Taoist friends remember the location of the Send Array?
"Remember remember" see master Lin readily take out send operator except Sun and Gu Liefeng, the rest of the monks feel a loose in their hearts and hurriedly agreed.
While the housekeeper Lin gave you the "Send Operator", Master Lin said to Sun and Gu Liefeng, "You two just wait for a while before you leave. I will lift your ban."
"Thank you, Master Lin!" Sun and Gu Liefeng have been disturbed by the ban for the past two years. Although there is no discomfort, they can’t even install thugs in meditation as if they had put a thorn in their heart.
Now I’m overjoyed to hear that the other party has really kept its promise to lift the ban on them, and I feel that my body is suddenly lighter.
"hmm? Why is this deliverer like this? " Deng Tuo took the housekeeper Lin to "send operator" after a look at some doubts.
The other monks have the same expression. Obviously, this strange thing in the opponent is a messenger, and some people don’t believe it.
See the housekeeper Lin handed the people to send symbols like a scroll wrapped up, which is generally a foot long. The rough surface of the newborn baby’s arm feels like monster skin.
Although there are some rune lines outside the picture scroll, it is too different from the character seal. No wonder Deng Tuo and others are puzzled
Yang Xiu also looked at Master Lin puzzled and didn’t know what he meant.
Master Lin looked as usual as he took a "send operator" from the housekeeper Lin.
"In order to thank you for risking your life to escort me in the past two years, I have specially prepared a little gift for you. Now please follow me and put the" Send Operator "and I will teach you how to use this kind of Send Operator."
Although Yang Xiu felt that something was wrong, he saw that Master Lin and Butler Lin also played "send operator" like everyone else, so he put this doubt in his heart and didn’t show what was secretly cautious.
Just when everyone was curious to know what gift would be in the picture scroll and was about to hit the picture scroll, suddenly a jabber came from the direction of the palace, which was a bit like Master Lin’s spirit beast saying "animal language"
However, from this original quiet place to such a sound, everyone was a little creepy and immediately dared not look at the palace carefully.
And master Lin’s face suddenly changed after hearing this sound, and he flew out as if his clothes had been burned, and then he looked at the sound with a face of alert and some uneasiness and another indescribable look.
The rest of the monks were surprised to see Master Lin’s reaction, thinking, "You have a monster beast in your infancy, even if it’s a monster beast attack, don’t you?"
They were all at a loss. Suddenly, "boom" a loud noise sounded from all around them, and then there came a strong heat wave, vibration and air pressure.
Yang Xiu didn’t expect that this accident would suddenly appear. At that time, he was unguarded by the explosion wave and flew out.
Fortunately, however, the defense of the dark blue robe has been on since he entered the island, so he felt dizzy and didn’t suffer any harm
When he was shaken out, he put the purple jade gourd in his hand; At the same time, he pretended to fall to the ground along the trajectory of being rocked out. He has made up his mind that if there is anything wrong, he will take evasive action first.
After all this, he hurried to look in the direction of the explosion.
The source of the explosion is the place where talented Deng Tuo is located